Wednesday, February 12, 2014

March Madness? Well, welcome to Roommate Madness

Greetings BU Class of 2019! As you may have noticed, the roommate madness is slowly beginning. This is a very exciting moment in your college career and you should cherish every moment of it. As far as picking a roommate goes, there is no better time to start looking than right now. 

The most resourceful place you can look is the Bloomsburg University Class of 2019 Facebook group page. Here you will find an abundance of your classmates also searching for their first roommate. 

Talk to as many people as you can and try your best to get to know each person. Even if they don’t end up becoming your roomie, it is your first times to begin networking, something very important in college. I guarantee this page will help you not only find your roommate, but also some friends you’ll have upon arrival on campus.

So what do you do when you finally find a person you connect with? If you mutually agree you want to live together you can sign onto MyHousing, found the Bloomsburg website, and request each other. Compatibility is automatically checked and then you are able to select eachother. Official roommates and your dorms are released the first week of August.

Note, there is no way to choose your dorm, but what’s the fun in that anyways! Please remember that freshman have a tendency of getting tripled. This means you will have two roommates instead of 1 and will have three beds in your room, three desks and two dressers. Don’t fret, it’s not permanent.

All students are given the opportunity to de-triple in the order in which your deposits to the university were received. It can take as long as two weeks or two months, but coming from a student who was tripled at first, it’s not bad at all. When else in life will you have three people living in one room, make the best of it!

Get excited - this is the beginning of your journey throughout college! Dorm living is such a great experience, it helped me in so many ways my freshman year. I met almost all of my best friends in the dorms and I know for a fact they will be my best friends long after college.

Not only is the social aspect a great aspect of dorm living, but the activities going on in the dorms keep it interesting every day. They have everything from karaoke to Zumba to free pizza. Does it get any better than free food? I promise dorm living will never leave you bored. Remember to start your search and we will see you in August!

— Sierra Kern, Class of 2015 #FutureHusky

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