Friday, March 14, 2014

Picking a major

Hello Bloomsburg University Class of 2018,

I know you’re all so excited to get here and start a new chapter in your life but there might be one big question in everyone’s mind: how do I decide what I want to do with the rest of my life? You’re not alone! Everyone has these concerns as they enter college, as it’s something you didn’t have to think about until just now. But don’t worry - whether you’ve decided your major or not, you’re not in any rush at this moment.

To clear up any confusion, being ‘undecided’ means you’ll be attending the university without a set track of what you want to do. A lot of people at the university, even sophomores, are undecided. Most majors at the university require that you take a considerable amount of general education (or gen-ed) courses regardless. This is a great thing for those who are undecided, because it allows you to experience a variety of classes in different majors and it can really help you see what you like best.

If you are coming into Bloomsburg with a major you have already been accepted into, that’s great too! This will help you get a necessary class or two pertaining to your major first semester, which will get you right on track. This is also a great opportunity because you can still experience what you like and dislike about your major or other majors.

When I first came to Bloomsburg, I was accepted as a Medical Imaging major. I loved science in high school and always took extra science classes as electives. I was sure this was the major for me, however when I got here it turned out I really did not enjoy it as much as I thought. It just wasn’t for me. I took an Intro to Business gen-ed my second semester and absolutely loved it. I then switched to a double major in Marketing and Management and I have never been happier.

Be aware that not all majors require you to take a large amount of gen-eds, as they are on stricter schedules. There are not many of these majors, but you can always look up the course requirements to any major.

An example of some of these stricter majors include: ASL, Speech Pathology, Accounting, Nursing and Medical Imaging. This list is not exhaustive and it is always important to research requirements for each major. If you wish to be in these types of majors, it is always best to decide that sooner than later.

Don’t worry too much about your major at this point, it is always something you can change. Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do when they get to school or even if they do, it’s always something you can change - just like I did. I’m confident each and every one of you will find your place here in Bloomsburg academically, even if it takes some searching!

If for some reason you found that you got off track during your time at school, don't be discouraged. It's ALWAYS worth the extra time to get your dream job. That's what we are here for anyways, right?

Best of luck and see you soon!

— Sierra Kern, Class of 2015 #FutureHusky

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