Thursday, May 15, 2014

A positive impact through literacy learning

The month of April was a busy month for the BU Toy Library. Our main focus was finishing strong with our Early Literacy Initiative as well as our Say Y.E.S. Service Project.

In April, we officially completed our literacy programming in two preschools: Children’s Country Cottage and Magic Carpet Preschool. The rest of the preschools will be completed during the first week in May. All locations have expressed their gratitude for our time and efforts.

Magic Carpet Preschool showed their appreciation by giving Ashlie and me matching thank you cards as well as beautiful paintings of a heart made out of the children’s handprints. It was so nice to receive such well thought out, hand-made gifts and Ashlie and I were extremely grateful.

It felt amazing that the Toy Library made such a positive impact in the community. Not only did the children express gratitude and excitement from our visits, but also Miss Penny (head teacher of Magic Carpet Preschool) requested that the Toy Library return next semester to continue our literacy initiative with the next class of children to attend their preschool.

During our final weeks being practicum students at the BU Toy Library, Ashlie and I also created a comprehensive list of materials needed to enhance the toy library’s materials that develop sensorimotor skills. Ashlie focused on sensory toys and resources while I recommended items that would enhance children’s fine motor and gross motor skills.

These resources will benefit typically developing children and be especially useful for work with children on the Autism Spectrum, children with ADHD, and children with sensory impairments. We are pleased that another senior psychology major will be able to use our preliminary research as a foundation upon, which to build her summer research through the URSCA program, as well as her honors independent study project in the Fall 2014.

We have had a busy and successful semester at the Toy Library. This experience helped us grow in many ways and we are proud that our programming will be used in future semesters.
    — Emily Haines is an intern with BU Toy Library.

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