Thursday, May 15, 2014

Leaving a lasting impact

Well, it seems 14 weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye! As our days staffing the BU Toy Library come to a close, I cannot help but get emotional! The BU Toy Library has been my home this semester and all of our projects hold a piece of my heart, but I cannot help but be excited for the future of the Toy Library.

I am most excited for the Friends of the BU Toy Library Early Literacy Program. The response we received from the five preschools we visited this semester has been overwhelming and very rewarding. All five classrooms practically begged for this program to continue throughout the whole year!

It was so gratifying to see how thankful the teachers were and how much fun the children had.

The second thing I am most excited for is the Say Y.E.S. Program. It is amazing to see a project which focuses on teaching children about giving back and actually enacting it in ways they know how such as crafts. The possibilities and potential of these programs are endless and to know that we were the pioneers of them is so exciting! Of course the smiles on the children’s faces and gratitude of the Say Y.E.S. recipients were meaningful, but it was everything for Dr. Mary-Katherine Duncan to thank us and tell us we were part in creating a legacy.

It is great to know the lasting impact of all our hard work this semester and to have the ability of coming back several years later and still see our work in progress.

Leaving a lasting impact to something bigger than myself was a huge goal for me this semester and it feels amazing to have achieved that. I could not be more grateful or the opportunity provided to me for personal and professional growth in so many ways. I have grown in my organizational and leadership skills, my diplomacy and professionalism, and knowledge of child development.

These are skills I will be able to use throughout my life and I am excited to see when, where, and how. Graduating this semester is bittersweet. BU has been my heart and soul for five long years, but knowing that a part of me will always be here and in the community makes moving on a little easier. I am beyond excited to see the great accomplishments of the Toy Library and its practicum students in the future and how they will grow our students and community!
    — Ashlie Hess is a graduate assistant with BU Toy Library.

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