Monday, October 27, 2014

Why I Love Nicholas Sparks

Finding time to read while I am at college is one of the hardest time management problems to figure out. Between class work, work work, and any other activities, I barely have enough time to sleep, never mind read.

Professors always say reading helps you in the long run… ok then give me less homework so I have time to read.

When I finally find the time to snuggle up into bed and read a good book it’s always a Nicholas Sparks book. For some reason I just gravitate to his readings. All of them are love sappy stories that have a guys and a girl and they fall in love and live happily ever after.

For instance; The Notebook, The Wedding, The Lucky One, Safe Haven, Dear John, The Last Song, and many more. But isn’t that what every girl wants, happily ever after. No girl wants to read a book where everyone dies at the end and then its over.

When I read a book I picture the story in my head. Making every little detail seem as real as it can get, and for that period of time I am reading I am taken into another place, into the place of the story, feeling what the characters feel, seeing what is written on the page, and for a moment you forget about the life you live.

Your boring life has turned into a fantasy where you are now in the 1960’s and you are in love with Noah, and he writes you letters for 365 days and climbs a Ferris wheel to sit ask you on a date. To the point where you are so wrapped up into the story you are rooting for fictional characters to kiss.

Nicholas Sparks is not just an author of many well-written books, but he is a storyteller that makes people believe in fantasies again. Taking people out of their day-to-day life and in a life they always wanted to live.

All books do the same thing. Just find a book you like, pick it up and start reading. It’s as simple as that!

— Samantha Gross, sophomore telecommunications major #HuskyUnleashed

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