Monday, September 21, 2015

Roles of friendship

Routine is a big part of my life. It keeps me grounded, focused and in my comfort zone. When this is disrupted for any number of reasons, all I see is irritation.

So in order to keep peace with myself — maintain that healthy approach to college life — routine is life. This is also true when it comes to my friends. They each have a role and a responsibility to my routine. And I love them for it.

Being around my best friends, we all had something great to offer to the table. The knowledge, honesty and humor we all share is endless and always helping me grow. I would have to say the friends I have found have the ability to make you mad, cry, question our sanity and even howl laughing.

My groups consists of:
  • the best brains
  • a true diva
  • hippie lover
  • gypsy wonderer
  • and a guardian of the Earth
We have all angles of life covered. We could dominate the world. But when it really came down to it, we couldn’t decide what show to watch when we all came together. So the amount of diversity we have is overwhelming. What made us truly great, is what we could potentially pull us apart.

When it comes to what we all like to do in our free time, there is definitely times of controversy. It comes down to who can be the best partner for that situation. Taking a walk and pushing homework back an hour, doesn’t always fly over well with a friend who needs to make sure their schedule has adequate time allotted for it. It’s sometimes a little easier to call upon the one who can pick up and go.

No questions asked.

I would have to recommend there are certain types of relationships, especially between friends, that suit life differently. Sometimes it’s okay to have a gym buddy you only meet inside the rec center doors. It’s nice to have that friend who pushes you to get your head in the books, and won’t let you leave the library before dark. These people may be the same for you, but for me they were two complete opposites.

My best friends always fill in the missing spaces when another one can’t.

These types of relationships are easy and feel so healthy. There is no trying to make someone something they aren’t. It allows us all to flourish where we feel comfortable. And true friendship is about, just that. So I’m blessed to have come to this dynamic campus, only to find the crazy people who compliment me so well.

Rep On

— Lydia Jenkins, senior mass communications major #HuskyLife #HuskyFit

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