Sunday, November 29, 2015

Where did the time go?

Well, the fall semester is just about over, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave beautiful Bloomsburg.

That feeling of returning back to our hometowns can be relieving and scary all at once. I remember the feeling of missing my family, but it was going to be worse leaving all of my friends here at college. So what is there to expect when you go back home?

Having control of life and being free here at college is great. But going home means, “mom’s way or the highway.” So maybe going home is nice and all, but it won’t exactly be that easy. This new adult-self could soon be shut down and shut up real quick by mom’s rules.

Not looking forward to being away from best friends and boyfriend or girlfriends either? This idea can cause some serious separation anxiety. I found best friends in Bloomsburg who bring out the best in me, and we are used to spending every waking moment together. Being at home leaves me feeling a little lost and lonely ... no worries though, Snapchat will come in handy.

I am reminded of how much I can take away from college. A lot more than I could from just watching television all day and sneaking snacks before suppertime. So we all may go through the different struggles, ups or downs that winter break will bring to us. But this time can be used to catch up on sleep, start applying for internships or jobs, see old friends, and have quality time with family. It’s quality time to do some self-reflecting and get prepared for the next semester.

This time off could be used to spruce up my creativity. It could be a good time for some changes too. I usually try to find the changes in myself first. It may be a small break, but use the time wisely and remember that college is a stepping stone, second home, and even sometimes that change to get you up and going.

We all may leave it for break, and eventually for good, but we’ll always remember how life changing Bloomsburg can be.

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— Lydia Jenkins, senior mass communications major #HuskyLife #HuskyFit