Tuesday, June 7, 2016

And so it begins with orientation

Hi there! As a young girl I always enjoyed writing in my diary so I am super excited to be blogging this summer for an inside view of my internship (field experience) at Lycoming College!

A little bit about Lycoming College (aka “Lycoming” or “Lyco”): Lycoming College is located in my hometown of Williamsport, PA (So I am excited I get to live at home this summer!) Lyco is a private, four-year, liberal arts college with an estimated 1,400 students. The mission “is to provide a distinguished baccalaureate education in the liberal arts and sciences within a coeducational, supportive, residential setting.”

Being a residential campus means that more than 90 percent of students live on campus in one of nine residence halls. You may find out that, at some institutions, it is difficult for students to receive financial aid. One factor that makes Lycoming so phenomenally different, especially as a private institution, is that 100 percent of their students receive scholarships or financial aid! What a great commitment to student attendance!

Lycoming College’s mascot is the Warriors and their school colors are Blue and Yellow. A large proportion of students are involved in athletics (one third of the men and a quarter of the women). As an NCAA Division III institution, these students are considered scholar-athletes. The football team, in particular, brings a lot of school spirit to the campus culture. Football games and other athletic competitions pull attention from the outside community to attend games and support student athletes.

What I will be doing at Lyco

Orientation — For this portion, I will be living at home and commuting to campus for work. There are three different orientation days scheduled during over a three week period.

I will be communicating heavily with residence life staff to schedule student orientation leaders’ duties throughout these days. I will also help plan the orientation breakout sessions where each OL works with a small group of incoming first-year students to provide guidance and support. I will be working six days a week for these three weeks and then have a few weeks off between my next portion of my field experience!

LycoPrep — This second portion will again be about a three-week “all hands on deck” internship. For this portion, I will be living on campus and serving as a resident assistant for the high school students who are participating in LycoPrep. This program invites high school students to live on campus, attend non-credit college-level courses, and engage in field trips to venues in Williamsport and the surrounding area.

I am most excited for my work with LycoPrep, because I get to talk about college life to high school students and promote Lycoming College. I am especially interested in supporting students from under-represented populations in their quest for further education. Plus, I get to participate in all the awesome things they will be doing, like going kayaking and riding rides at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park! I am really looking forward to building relationships with these students and help them adjust to being away from home for three weeks.

So that is pretty much what I will be doing this summer at Lycoming College! I am so pumped! There will be a lot of planning, a lot of high-energy, a lot of people and it’s right up my alley! Can’t wait to see what is in store! I am excited you are following along :)

— Felicia Garcia-Wedemeyer, college student affairs #EducationalLeadership #ProfessionalU

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  1. Yes, this is perfect for you! Good luck and I know you'll be amazing ��
    Love Michelle


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