Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A sign of good things to come

I knew it was going to be challenging, but I did it anyway. I had confidence in myself … and in the academic support available to me here at Bloomsburg University.

The second semester of my junior year, I took American Sign Language to fulfill one of my general education requirements. I knew ASL would be an intense course, because one of my roommates took it the semester before and failed. However, it was interesting to me to learn how people used nonverbal methods to communicate.

The first day of class the professor advised everyone to get a tutor, admitting this was not going to be an easy course. She said students who normally use tutorial services on campus earn a higher grade than those who don’t.

I wanted to get my feet wet in the course before I went in and got a tutor, in case I didn’t need one. I did poor on the first test and was falling behind on the course schedule, which made me realize I needed help.

After speaking with my professor, she gave me a list of names of people who were tutors and ASL majors. When I went to the tutorial services office to fill out the form everyone was welcoming and helpful, which made me feel good about coming there for help.

Within a week I received an email with my tutor name and contact information. The tutor was an ASL major and a junior just like me. She worked around my class and work schedule. I was able to practice my presentations with her and vocab for exams! She was also able to give me pointers and advice that made ASL easier to remember, which was a big help. She was also patient and a good listener. My final grade was an A-, and I never would have gotten that without my tutor.

Tutors work around your schedule and are only here to help students succeed. It is important to remember tutors are students too, and that you should come prepared to the meetings ready to learn.
Utilizing the tutorial services can be good for students even if you are doing exceptional in all of your classes. You may think you do not need help, but a tutor can push you to the next level and give insight on better ways to improve study habits.

— Khalil Daniel, senior communication studies major #HuskyLife

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