Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's winter break, but now what?

When winter break comes around, it’s something we all look forward to no matter what year you are in. Winter break means finals are over, the semester is over, and we have a month to relax and get ready for what the spring brings.

But as a senior, this is our last winter break. Next year at this time, we will all hopefully have a job, but we won’t have that nice month to rest. As a freshman, this is your first of many breaks. Congratulations you made it through your first semester. But what to do during break?

So… as a senior this is the time to start the job hunt

Build a resume, maybe even a website, start looking at companies that you are interested in working for, if there are openings maybe even send out an application. It is never too early to start the search, so use this time to get all your ducks in a row so when spring semester comes you are ready to take on the job hunt.

But don’t forget this is your last winter break! Make the most of it! Hang out with friends and family, go on adventures, and do things you have always wanted to do but, never got around to it. The real world is creeping closer, go out with a bang before hitting that next stop.

So… as a freshman you have realized your broke

School is expensive so is extra-curricular activities. I suggest trying to get a job. During the winter season the demand for jobs are very high. Finding a job at your local mall or stores will keep you busy and also give you some extra cash before heading back for the spring semester. Also, remember you are back with all your friends from high school.

I’m sure this is the longest time you have been apart, so you are going to want to be with them almost every day. Make the most of it! You all have made new friends but, being with your friends from home, it’s like you have never been a part.

Winter break is a whirlwind

It’s the most exciting thing to look forward to at the end of the semester. Just remember no matter what year you are in or how old you are, winter break is a time to connect with friends and family. So go to the closest city to you, go skiing or snowboarding, go out of the country, or stay in and binge watch a Netflix series with your best friends.

Make the most of it! Even though this may be your first or last winter break we all agree on one thing … Happy Finals Are Over!

— Samantha Gross, mass communications major #HuskyLife

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