Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No pasa nada ... it's okay

This week I have gone to La Capilla Real (Royal Chapel), Granada Cathedral, a food tasting class, another city nearby called Malaga, and celebrated Three Kings Day.

The Granada Cathedral and La Capilla Real were huge and absolutely beautiful. The Granada Cathedral took over 200 years to build and was ordered to be built by the Catholic monarchs that had conquered the city! La Capilla Real had many interesting paintings and possessions of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella including their crowns and the most expensive painting in Granada. La Capilla Real also houses the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella which we got to view. There are no pictures allowed inside here, so unfortunately I can't show any of the beauty of La Capilla Real.

I went to a delicious food tasting class. The Mediterranean diet here is much different from the diet back in Pennsylvania. Olive oil is essential in everything they eat here, and I mean everything! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert! If you have a fruit salad for dessert why would you not add olive oil! Everything I have tasted in Spain so far has been absolutely delicious and even at my own host family all the food I eat is homemade and delicious.

Three Kings Day is a holiday on Jan. 6 here in Spain. It is the celebration of the gifts given by the three kings to the baby Jesus. The night before Three Kings Day there is a huge parade. They have amazingly decorated floats throwing candy everywhere with fireworks going off in the background. Many people are out lining the streets to the point where it's impossible to move!

People then go out to restaurants for tapas and to celebrate the holiday. The next morning my roommate and I awoke to the banging of pots and pans together to wake everyone in the house.Presents are hidden all over the house with riddles "brought by the three kings". Everyone has a lot of fun trying to find their presents and eating all the chocolate money dispersed throughout the house!

On Saturday my roommate, Mikayla, my friend, Simona and I went to the nearby city of Malaga. Malaga is a beautiful city along the coast. It was quite an experience to get there by bus. We had run into a small mishap when there were only two tickets left, and there was three of us. We got to use our Spanish to change tickets and ended up waiting a couple hours for the next bus so we could all ride together. The bus ride there gave me the opportunity to see the beautiful mountainous countryside.

There were thousands of olive trees and many sheep! We took a boat out on the water while we were in Malaga to see all the amazing views from the water. A bus took us around the whole city and we got to see incredible views of Malaga.

The temperature there is also much warmer so many people are out walking in their shorts and t-shirts while on the beach. On the way home from Malaga I had the luck of sitting next to someone from France, studying here in Spain! I got to practice my Spanish for two hours with someone who was near my level and learn all about France!

Three Kings Day was an amazing experience in Spain. There is so much fun to be had in Granada during the holiday season! In general, the Spaniards here in Granada seem to take life a little slower and enjoy every bit of it.

One of the sayings that people always seem to repeat here is "No pasa nada." In English this translates to no need to worry (just relax). Everything seems to be a bit more relaxed here and for a city it feels like a quaint little town with friendly faces everywhere.

— Racquel Kreischer #HuskyUnleashed #HuskyAbroad

Racquel Kreischer is a senior engineering major spending this winter break studying abroad in Granada, Spain. Through the Instituto MediterrĂ¡neo Sol Granada she is studying Spanish while living with a Spanish family learning up-close about Spainards lives, language and culture.

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