Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Roommates for life

Winter break is a strange chapter in every college student’s career.

We take a sudden break in the life we just spent three months adjusting to. It’s like we finally get into our routine, the game, and then we are forced to take a half time. We look forward to seeing our families, but at the same time we feel sad about the family we’re leaving behind in Bloomsburg.

As a junior, I’ve gone through these hellos and goodbyes for two summers and three winters. I can tell you this as a fact, it never gets easier. Bloomsburg has become my home away from home and I have all of my friends and roommates to thank for that.

Everyone has their stories about their freshman year and sadly a lot of them end in friends drifting or going their own ways. For me, the exact opposite occurred. My four roommates are all people I met during my freshman year while living in the residence hall. My other three best friends also all live together and are from my floor in Elwell.

We are all in constant touch and see each other whenever we have a free moment. I’m not sure if fate is a real thing, but sometimes I like to believe these people were brought into my life as soon as possible, to stop anymore lost time. I’ve also gained a lot of amazing friendships during my years. How many people get to say they’ve gained more positive relationships then they have lost?

There is really something about being roommates with another human during college that in a way, bonds you for life. I have consistently had one person living with me for three years and as of senior year, four. Kelsi and I always joke about being roommates for life.

I like to tell her that when her and her husband get married, I will be living in their basement and babysitting their kids. She promised to make her kids call me “Aunt Megan.” I am still amazed that I’ve only known these people for three years. Even when we met freshman year, I would wonder how it seems like I’ve known them forever. I feel as if this thought is common amongst a large portion of new college students, or at least I hope it is.

As we return from the winter break that seems as if it lasted months, we get back into the game. We all pull up to the apartment one by one and call each other to let them know we are here. Giddy squeals and hugs are sure to follow and then come the stories that we have been dying to hear about in person while we were forced to separate for five weeks. No details are ever held back and a million personal questions are asked. We all start to redevelop the strange talk and mannerisms we each took with us when we left. The catch is right when you get back into the swing of things, summer knocks on the door.

— Megan Hawbecker, junior mass communications major #HuskyLife

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