Thursday, September 28, 2017

Am I career ready?

Okay I’ll start off with a quick story about girl that was entering her senior year of college and by a sick twist of fate was forced to change her major,….AGAIN. Yes folks, she was entering into her fourth year of school and on to her third major and not by her choice this time. If you have not already guessed this mystery girl is me!

Summer 2016 I was officially without a major and for the first time in my college career completely directionless. With some research I decided to become a communications studies major with a track in leadership and public advocacy.

Going into the major kicking and screaming if I may add. I had no idea what comm stud majors did and what they had to offer, all I knew it would get me out of school the fastest so I signed up. Disclaimer, this is not one of those Cinderella stories about how I fell in love with my major and lived happily ever after. Even though that is literally what happened. This is about the journey that helped me realize that is major is where I belong and who/what helped me get to that “ahh” moment.

Career Boot Camp

Because I had no idea what I could do with my major, I decided to visit the Center for Professional Development and Career Experience (CPDCE) where I learned about the Career Intensive Boot Camp. If you do not know what the boot camp is, it is a weekend where juniors and seniors participate in workshops all about professional development.

I got the opportunity to network with alumni, get my resume reviewed, and go through mock interviews throughout the weekend. One of my personal favorite sessions was the etiquette dinner at Monty’s, where I enjoyed a four-course meal with a straight posture and fancy new (proper) dining etiquette.

What was most impactful throughout the experience was talking to some of the alumni who had such an interest in listening to my dreams and goals. I mean really listened, took their time out of the day to speak with me and guide me on how to make them into a reality.

Encouraged me to stick with my major and challenged me to see how my department could befit me. I had some of the most meaningful conversations that weekend that inspired me to have a new outlook on my situation and communication studies.

Since then, I have stayed connected with many people I met that weekend. Now a regular in Center for Professional Development and Career Experience. I go to workshops throughout the semester and learn some great tips about handling life after graduation.

I am now in my last semester of college, last…semester…of undergrad! The time has flown by and I am excited to see where my life takes me. Join me as I explore what the CPDCE workshops, guest and events to help me prepare for the ever so daunting adult life ahead.

— Giovanna Andrews, senior communication studies major #HuskyLife

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