Thursday, May 24, 2018

Discovering an Irish perspective of higher education

We made it! The Bloomsburg University College Student Affairs students have reached Ireland!

After a few people having delayed, missed flights and an hour delay in Newark due to thunderstorms, we have safely made it to Ireland! The plan for this trip is to visit eight different universities and learn about the higher education system in Ireland. After learning about them, we will be comparing Ireland’s and America’s higher education system.

While taking in the in the Irish culture through visiting some of Ireland’s colleges and universities as well as exploring the different cities, we will better understand higher education in Ireland.

The first university on the trip is University of Limerick. We had a full day meeting with university officials, as well as students. Even though students were done for the semester, the campus still has post-grad students who where taking classes. We met with admissions — both undergrad and postgrad — and got a good grasp on how admissions works in Ireland. All colleges and universities in Ireland use one application process to apply to colleges similar to the Common App, but every higher education institution uses it.

We also got to speak with the Student Union, which is equivalent to our CGA. It was interesting because the students who are in positions in the Student Union take a year off to hold their positions while in the United States, students are in CGA as they're still taking classes.

The day ended with a tour of UL’s beautiful campus that included the Living Bridge, which is an area where students can use it as more than just a bridge — a bridge to do homework, play music, and hand out with friends.

Overall, we had a great time at University of Limerick. It gave us basic understanding of how higher education works in Ireland. Our next stop is Ulster University!

— Pooja Daya, #HuskyAbroad #SAPro

Daya is pursuing her Master's in Educational Leadership through Bloomsburg University's College Student Affairs (M.Ed.) program, as well as serving as a graduate hall director for the Jessica Kozloff Apartments. She is among a group of CSA students studying abroad this summer for two weeks in Ireland, visiting several universities to develop an understanding of the structure and practice of college student affairs in Ireland and gain insight into international issues.

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