Monday, October 1, 2018

It's finally here!

I'm finally a part of a real, fun, chaotic, and happy classroom! I have about 19 children in my second grade classroom I so graciously get to student teach until mid-October.

I'm in my second week, and all I can say is what a joy! Of course, it's a little crazy and I feel like I have to wash my hands every minute but let me tell you I'm sure happy to be here. Already, I get to grade the children’s homework and their tests. I have my own little desk and when I actually have down time I find myself daydreaming of what my very own classroom is going to look like and what posters I will be hanging on my walls.

Before even getting into the classroom I felt myself becoming nervous and feeling unprepared. I mean, yah my professors did all they could to better prepare me for student teaching, including the ever-long lesson plan writing and the abundant amount of group projects but nothing really prepares you until you’re actually in the classroom. Nothing could have prepared me for the fact I'm going to have to remember what I'm teaching that day on top of all the other little things that come along with this career.

For example, there’s one child who needs to take his water bottle to lunch because he can’t drink milk, and there’s two children who are going home at 1 p.m., so they need to have their homework ready in their folders to go home and do not forget to keep an eye on that child because they just sneezed all over their desk, so they need to get up and wash their hands and you have to clean their desk off.

Oh! And don’t forget that child because he needs to go to the nurse, and OH there’s a fire drill today that will interrupt our math lesson? Okay, let me just put that on my list!

In the end, I wouldn’t want it any other way! The moment when you’re in front of the classroom teaching addition or on the floor reading to the children and you get to see them laugh or smile or think is what makes it all worth it. I am constantly finding myself feeling an overwhelming amount of pride and joy when I can see little George or Amy finally understand a concept or when they get excited whipping their hand up in the air because they know the answer to a problem.

I can not wait to see what these next seven weeks hold for me!

— Carolann Green, a senior early childhood education major

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