Friday, November 2, 2018

Something's different, just may be me?

When I first stepped outside the airport into the English air I was … surprised.

It wasn’t what I expected. I expected to feel a significant difference that would mark the beginning of my adventure abroad. I was disappointed, but that was all soon forgotten as I took in the London streets as they swooshed by through my Uber window.

I told myself later on that it was silly to think the air would be different, and that didn’t take away from the fact London was beautiful and worthy of happy tears. Three weeks later, I’m walking home with my friends one evening and notice something; the air.

It was different, somehow. It dawned on me perhaps it wasn’t the air that was different at all, but rather myself.

I’ve been in England for a little over a month now. Although it feels like I just got here, it also feels like I’ve been here forever. I’m still finding new things to ponder over, while I’m hanging out with people who can pass as lifelong friends.

I have learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time, it’s somewhat baffling. I’ve faced hardships that made me wish I could book a ticket home. I found out I actually really like coffee after years of believing I could only stand it in Frappe form. I’ve gained unconventional friendships and unfortunately lost some in the process.

And to my surprise, found what I believe I want to pursue after graduation.

I was so nervous to come abroad and leave everything I felt comfortable with behind, but I’m more thankful I did with every day that passes. I’m thankful I didn’t run home when things got difficult, because now I’m surrounded by amazing individuals and learning incredible things.

— Elayne Che, a junior psychology major, is studying abroad this fall at the University of Essex in Colchester, England. #HuskyAbroad #ProfessionalU

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