Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If I knew then what I know now

Dear High School Jenna,

Hey, it’s me! Well you, four years from now. I know you think college graduation is so far away, but let me tell you … it will be here in a blink of an eye. I know, because that’s exactly how I felt at this time four years ago. And here we are, Jenna. Days away from graduating college, and I never thought this day would come this soon. I still clearly remember being anxious to graduate high school. And yet, again with the butterflies of wondering what’s next in store. No worries. It’s going to be okay. I know, because I’ve made it this far.

Jenna, Bloomsburg University was a great choice

You’re going to have many college choices; but in the end, you’ll select Bloomsburg University. It will be a great decision. This town will truly become a second home. Do yourself a favor though and explore more your freshman year.

Do not wait until junior year to finally go to the Bloomsburg Diner to eat the amazing omelets you love so much and try out Fog and Flame, because they really know how to make those fancy Instagram worthy drinks you always wanted to try. Get more involved freshman year, please don’t wait. I know right now you’re busy with choir, cheerleading, numerous clubs and just want a little break, but you’ll realize real-fast you enjoy being involved and will wish you did more once you reach senior year. Trust me.

And, oh yea … learn all you can from your internship and work-study position with the university’s Office of Marketing and Communications from Tom McGuire and Jaime North, because this will help you discover that you want to work in higher education after graduation.

Jenna, don’t stop making friends

So you’ll realize fast you truly don’t know anyone in college, but you’ll meet so many amazing people as time goes by. Freshman year, leave your door open and meet the people on your floor! I wish more people would have done this sooner, because you’ll meet great people. Like the guys across the hall, who were always nice enough to let my roommate Kaitlyn and I borrow their vacuum, or the girls who lived down the hall, Dannah and Hannah, who will eventually become your roommates. Know that everyone you meet and become friends with will help you in some way and change you for the better.

In class, talk to the people around you and get to know them, you never know when you are going to need a study partner or you might even find one of your closest friends, like Sidney, who you actually end up going on a cruise with. Speaking of the cruise. Go on it! At first you will think it is too much money, but in the end you will be sitting on a beach in the Bahamas so thankful that you went.

Go to Haas Center of the Arts and audition for the Bloomsburg University Choir, because we know how much you like to sing and you will miss it dearly when you no longer do. Go to the activities fair and find an organization called Alpha Phi Omega. This is where you will find “your people.” Alpha Phi Omega is where I found some of my very best friends in college like my senior year roommates, Alicia and Aleigha, plus my big and little, Rachel and Carly, and how I really was able to get involved on campus.

Jenna, balance is key

Okay so you know how you told yourself you were going to go to the gym like every day in college and get in shape? Well freshman year you did, but then you got busy with school and barely had time to devote as much time to it as you used to. Make the time because you’ll be less stressed and honestly it will become the “me time” you need each day. Do not get into the habit of procrastinating. I know things come up that sound like better alternatives to studying, but when you see Summa Cum Laude written on your graduation packet you will feel really accomplished and it will all be worth it, trust me (you know you want the honors cords too).

Go to trivia night, why I waited till senior year is beyond me. It’s basically like Jeopardy, but you actually win a prize. Get a job. Working during the summer all the time is not fun, but you are going to need and want the money. College is expensive. I wish I would have worked during the semester earlier because senior year I did, at your favorite restaurant actually, Marley’s, hosting and serving. Not gonna lie, it was rough to balance everything, but having money makes it worth it.

Jenna, calm down. You made it!

You stress too much about the little things. Like your chemistry class the very first semester of college year where you got your first C, but guess what you studied hard and ended the class with an A-. Then there is economics, which will become your minor, these classes will challenge you but we know you like to be challenged. There is the fear you will not graduate on time, but girl you are graduating a semester early because of those AP classes you are in right now. Soon final exams will be over and I will graduate, then I’m off the real world. You made it Jenna! Take a deep breath and enjoy your next few years, because they’ll be some of the best years of your life. Trust me.

     Jenna Fuller, Bloomsburg University Class of 2018

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