Tuesday, February 5, 2019

One last drive back

I’ve pictured my final days of college my whole life, and it’s finally here. I still can’t believe it.

It hit me on the drive back to Bloomsburg from my home in West Chester. I used to hate the thought of driving two hours in a car, but in the course of my four years it was something I grew to love. It's two hours alone of reflection for me to think and listen to my favorite country songs on the loudest volume.

However, this last drive back to Bloomsburg was not one I was looking forward to.

It was the last “back to school” car ride, and I was fully aware of that. I felt as if I was doing more thinking then belting out to my music. I knew what this drive meant. It meant my last drive to this town. It meant that everything I was about to be doing the minute I entered the town was my last. I admit, it’s a bit strange to now be saying, “My last ..." It seems like yesterday I was just saying, “My first ...”

My first semester, my first class, my first college friend, etc. Thankful for all “my firsts,” because I fell in love with this school in a way I never expected to, just wishing for the summer to end so I would be able to come back.

Without all these firsts, I would have never been the person who I am today. That first week of that first semester started a new beginning of a new me. Even after four years, you're never quite sure what a semester will bring you. It’s funny how each semester has a different feeling to it. The seasons are completely different and the mood of each changes.

The obvious difference of the days being shorter in the winter, a positive vibe emerges when the sign of snow is melting and warmth is coming. Having the constant reminder this being the “season finale,” seniors want to get in as much fun as possible.

Roughly two weeks into my last — ah, there it is — "my last ... semester" I can see my senioritis kicking in. I just want to be able to savor every moment I have before I no longer can. 

How can I focus on school when trying to get a job? How can I focus when I have limited time with these people ... my Bloom people?

You never realize how much you change over four years. It’s not a drastic type of change but it’s a type of growth that hits you on your senior year. A growth that allows you to look back on your three years and think “she was so young, so naïve.”

It’s a growth that allows you to see the people who are there for you and those who are not. It’s a growth that allows you to see the skills you have when taking on the real world, and the growth you have to look back and thank this place for giving me the memories I'll have forever.

— Annie Pitts, senior communication studies major #AGreatPlaceToBeYou #HuskyLife

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