Wednesday, February 27, 2019

So not ready for this

These goodbyes are not going to be easy. I figured they wouldn’t, but it doesn’t help … and I haven’t even gotten to them yet. Dang ... Liz, I’m going to miss you.

You are the funniest, most caring and beautiful person I know. Your contagious good energy gave me a new aspect on life. I’ve learned how to not care and just let things go. Thank you. There aren’t enough people like you in this world, Liz.

My 1,000-picture photo album of you is one of my most prized possessions and making your Tri Sigma scrapbook will be one of the greatest, yet hardest tasks of my life. Capturing your best moments at Bloomsburg University these past three years has been awesome, mainly because I got to share them with you and knowing you’ll have these memories forever.

I’ve put a lot of pressure on this scrapbook, which circles from Bids Night to the Phillies game and around all of those random candids, because I want you to remember not only how much BU has loved you but how much I have too. I may have taken the Big role a little too serious, but you were my first little sister. I’m sorry … but worth it, right?

I remember Po and I instantly clicking with you, and knew you were a combination of each of us. Little did I know you would go on to have such an impact on my life.

Without joining Tri Sigma, I wouldn't have met you and gained this type of relationship. Without joining Tri Sigma, I would’ve never met all these amazing sisters who each have helped me grow into the person I am.

Thank you, Bloomsburg University. Thank you for giving me Tri Sigma and my Little … Liz.

It’s different saying goodbye to all my friends, because we’re all leaving this spring and have to figure out our next step together. Liz, you’re different.

You’re different because I’m leaving you behind. I have to watch you enjoy your last year over social media instead of living it alongside you. I have to hear about your life over the phone, instead of walking three feet down Lightstreet.

Planning to talk to you over the phone is just an early reminder how far apart we will be. I’ll miss being able to claim you as my little person, but I’m excited for you. Trust me, I am.

It’s one more year for you, so do everything you love most about this place. I have two months left, so I know how fast it goes. Being tired or stressed out doesn’t last, but the memories with your best friends do.

— Annie Pitts, senior communication studies major #AGreatPlaceToBeYou #HuskyLife

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