Monday, April 29, 2019

I say the Bloom Us, because it's a different us

Well, here we are. I waited until the end to write my goodbye to you, because I knew it would be the hardest.

It wasn’t the dorms that brought us together, or a class, or a club; it was solely because we were meant to be best friends. I've never met someone so much like me, yet so different.

I love the way I can smirk at you, and you know exactly what I’m thinking. Sometimes our telepathy scares me. We basically have our own language, because no one understands us when we talk. I never am not laughing with you. Usually laugh at ourselves and the unfortunate events in our lives but at least I know I have someone to laugh with me.

Though we have spent every waking minute together, you would think we would get sick of each other, but we never have. Guess that’s when you know when you’ve become best friends.

I’m going to miss you the most. Not like missing you because I'll never see you or talk to you again, but I'm going to miss this. Here ... us, the Bloom Us.

I say the Bloom Us, because it's a different us. The Bloom Us is by each other's side everyday. We’re together so much. We know our schedules. After graduation we won’t be able to walk four houses down to each other. Clearly, leaving this place our relationship won’t change, but the Bloomsburg relationship is coming to an end. That’s what I'm sad to say goodbye to.

Closing this chapter has made me realize the special place this place has in my heart. I know this is the place where we had the most cherished memories together. It's where we grew together and became best friends.

We grew in so many ways. We matured. We shared hardships. I’m glad we did. Through it all we now can recognize what's real.

Though throughout these four years we had different paths, we still had the same intersection. I promise that wont change. Not only did we grow together, but we found our people together. Our crew. Thank you to my Bloomsburg Crew, for the best four years I could have asked for.

Haley, Jul, Amy, Taylor Brooke, and Rachel: People like you guys have changed my outlook on life when I found you all as my people. I never had such good vibes. Not many can say we had an entire group of people who stuck with each other for the whole four years.

These laughs will forever stay the same. Just now, there will be a little more distance in between them.

— Annie Pitts, senior communication studies major #AGreatPlaceToBeYou #HuskyLife

Monday, April 8, 2019

The boys across the hall

Let’s be honest, you weren’t my favorite people in the world. But look at us now, one of my hardest goodbyes.

I didn’t believe that being somewhere at the exact moment in time mattered for certain things to happen, but I was wrong. It does.

Without Bloomsburg University assigning me to Elwell Hall - ground floor - dorm G29. I would’ve never met not only my first Bloom friends but my best friends.

It’s weird to think the very first people I met on move-in day would be in my life for the next four years. You two were my brothers away from home. I had you for the laughs and for the venting, both essential things for me surviving freshmen year … actually these four years.

You can definitely say I was never bored with you guys. Always trying to get under our CA skin, and constantly trying to cause some kind of ruckus in the hallway. Even if I was laughing, after four years, you’re still not funny. Well, Jimmy I guess you’re a little funny.

Living one foot away from each other was not easy trust me. Besides hearing the constant sound of knocking on my door, every day, I would wake up to either music blasting through the hallway and fall asleep your obnoxiously loud voices fighting over FIFA.

Little disclosure, I used to try and sneak in my dorm without you guys knowing I was there so I could be alone for five minutes max. Soon, I’m going to wish for those knocks.

Every time I see you Jimmy, there’s that goofy smile. Instant good mood. I could always count on that, and soon I’ll be needing one with no Jimmy in sight.

And Jack, you’ve always been there … literally. I would’ve told you how much I appreciate you, but I didn’t want to give you too much confidence. Knowing you … I wouldn’t hear the last of it.

I can’t picture my life without you two. I consider myself the luckiest freshman being placed in that dorm. I'm even now the luckiest senior knowing that our friendship won’t just stop after college.

Thank you, Bloomsburg. Thank you for giving me Jimmy and Jack ... "The boys across the hall."

— Annie Pitts, senior communication studies major #AGreatPlaceToBeYou #HuskyLife