Monday, September 16, 2019

Working to find my next 'good life'

Honors mentors and mentees at Knoebels having a scream off on the Pirate Ship (Galleon)

Packing, moving and saying goodbye are three recurring themes in a college student’s life. Yet, what the world does not tell you is that some things, like packing an overnight bag, start to become second nature when traveling to friends’ houses or to and from home.

Settling in to the PA climate with some new gear
Along with, your “home away from home” becoming the place where you build your greatest memories, life, and friends. Even after years of the “good life” when college graduation rolls around, how could you possibly be ready to move on and start somewhere fresh when one still has more of the “good life” left to live? After all, college does not typically become boring or repetitive.

In the end, one must acknowledge that every journey does have a stopping point as another has a beginning. And this is mine. Hello Bloomsburg, I am Jen, a recent graduate of Radford University in Virginia, a native of Maryland, and now a new graduate student in the College Student Affairs program, working to find my next “good life.” Join me every month as I discover what it is like to be a Husky and engage in adventures of learning how to be a graduate student and graduate assistant to the newly formed Honors College.

Orientation and Welcome week flew by and I developed a plethora of fresh memories, extra friends, and memorable moments! In Honors, we participated in team building activities (with pasta and marshmallows of course), tours of campus and downtown, took a trip to Knoebels, and created a Goose Chase for our mentees to remember building locations.

This packed-full week opened my eyes to the numerous bonds, growth, and spirit that the Honors College is going to bring to the students through the staff, mentors, and me. I simply cannot wait to continue being a part of everyone’s miraculous journey here at BU.

— Jen Cole, #ProfessionalU #SAPro

Cole is pursuing her Master's in Educational Leadership through Bloomsburg University's College Student Affairs (M.Ed.) program.

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