Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why I chose BU

As a student from Bloomsburg who grew up in Kutztown I had a lot of insight to the state school scene. I had been to various buildings of Kutztown University and have lived the college town life since I was in elementary school. I do not have negative things to say about the university, as it was a big part of my childhood, however I always felt like it was normal and nothing exciting. I needed to go somewhere new and meet new people.

I started to apply to private schools but kept Bloomsburg in the back of my mind because my aunt lived in the area and my mom liked the idea of it. I got accepted to all the private schools I applied to, as well as Bloomsburg University. I thought if I had to make a real decision I would be wise to visit them all, starting with Bloomsburg.

My first step onto campus was in the academic quad. I immediately noticed all the large buildings and beautiful artwork galore. As my mom and I made our way throughout the campus I was nothing short of impressed. I loved every aspect of the campus. I thought the size of the campus was perfect, big enough, yet everything was still close and within walking distance. I thought the placement of all the buildings were smart, having the dorms all together on the lower end of campus and the academic buildings higher up.

The library was impeccable and the Student Services Center was central to campus and had everything a student could need. Besides the layout and beauty of campus, something else really caught my eye. The environment on campus was indescribable. I was not even a student yet and I could feel a sense of pride in the air. That pride has not left me since that day, I knew as we drove home from our visit that Bloomsburg University was the school for me.

When weighing your decisions upon choosing the right university for you, I believe you will know what school fits you best. I knew leaving Bloomsburg I had found the best university for me and even after visiting other schools, I knew none could compare. Another decision to consider, which was extremely important to me, was if the school was considered a “suitcase college” or not, meaning the students went home very often.

While you will find students going home often at any university, I would never consider Bloomsburg that type of school. There is so much to get involved with on and off campus it makes it hard to leave often, if at all during the semester. Having my friends from school around me all the time has made my college experience even more meaningful and one that I will never forget. Lastly, and I could not say this enough times, do NOT make your decisions on where your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend are going. You need to make this decision for yourself and where you fit best.

Do not let others sway you to make decisions that might not make you happy in the long run. Be true to yourself and you will have no regrets. Hope to see you in the fall!

— Sierra Kern, Class of 2015 #FutureHusky

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