Friday, May 16, 2014

The End Came Quickly

It is hard to believe that my freshman year of college has come to a close! Nine months ago I was facing the unknown: leaving my family for the first time and hoping that I would be able to find my place at Bloomsburg University.

I had a relatively smooth adjustment to college the first semester and I must say that the second semester was more of challenge for me both emotionally and academically.

When I came back from winter break, I experienced homesickness for the first time. The first semester I was so busy meeting new people and becoming involved on campus that I sometimes forgot to call my parents and they would have to eventually call me to check in.

The second semester I had established a routine and had found my friends, which left me with more time to miss home. I called my parents and my grandparents often the second semester, but after spring break the homesickness subsided.

My second semester was a lot more challenging academically, as my general education classes are mostly complete and instead mostly have classes in my major. My advice is to avoid scheduling your classes like I did. Try to always have one or two "easy classes" in your schedule. I like to challenge myself and scheduled all difficult classes at once.

I set myself up for struggles and a tumbling grade point average as I attempted to stay afloat in the classes beyond my current level. Do not make this mistake and be sure that you are prepared for all of the classes that you schedule.

Though I had some low points, the second semester, I still had many high points. I received the wonderful opportunity to become roommates with my best friend on campus. I was lucky and had a great roommate randomly assigned from the beginning, but when my best friend was left without a roommate, I quickly switched rooms.

I made the long difficult move a door down the hall while my friend was at class. I bribed a girl down the hall to help me move with the promise of granola bars (food is a great currency in dorms) and I was moved in less then an hour. My friend had given the approval for me to move in, but she was slightly freaked out when she came back from class and hear voices inside the room.

When you are great friends with your roommate, college is more enjoyable. Try your best to be friendly and open with your roommate. My second roommate (best friend) and I had dance sessions, music therapy, take out nights and the occasional heart to heart. It made every night more fun to have a close relationship with my roommate.

As my freshman year has drawn to a close, my best piece of advice is to get involved. It is how you will meet friends, form support systems and just have an overall positive experience.

Bloomsburg University has so many amazing opportunities, you just need to look.

If you would have asked me a year ago what I would be doing this summer, I would have said working a summer job or maybe taking a summer class, but Bloomsburg has given me an amazing opportunity.

As I write this blog, I am on a flight to Cameroon and then Ethiopia, Africa! I am participating in a study abroad program with 20 other students. I know the experience is just beginning, but I can already tell it will be life changing. The flight is long (about twelve hours plus another transfer flight) but I am already forming friendships.

Bloomsburg has many opportunities such as this; do not be afraid to explore the possibilities and step outside your comfort zone. College is a time to find yourself!

    — Morgan Lewis is a biochemistry major with a pre-medical studies concentration.

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