Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chemistry comes into focus as CO2 research draws to a close

Carbon dioxide is often considered a by-product of fossil fuel consumption — and not a useful one, either. But what if carbon dioxide could be turned into something useful or even an energy source? Jocelyn Legere, a Bloomsburg University student, is working on a project at Yale University this summer to do just that.

June 30 to July 4 —   More work in the Lab. I am getting a lot of results; but it’s getting close to the end of the program, so I’m trying to get as much data as possible to present  at the Leadership Alliance Symposium at the end of my time at Yale.

July 7 to July 11 —   This is my second to last week in the lab, so it’s crunch time! Still getting a lot of results and troubling shooting to make the set-up the best it can be. Starting looking more closely at the chemistry this week, which was really cool! So sad that it is almost over but most of my 20-page paper is written!

I have learned so much from this program. I have expanded my knowledge in inorganic catalysis and got a “taste” of what graduate school will be like. I have also learned a lot about Yale University and the opportunities they are able to give their students.

The chemistry program at Bloomsburg University has really prepared me for the research I conducted at Yale this past summer, as well as the research I did with Dr. Eric Hawrelak last summer. It gave me the ability to jump the learning curve and get started on the research right away having learned all the techniques, procedure, and safety at Bloomsburg.

This summer really showed me that I have the ability and know-how to conduct research and contribute to a project. It’s been a very busy but exciting summer. Thank you everyone for tuning in and following me through this summer.

I really appreciate your support. Happy Summer!
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