Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Best of luck Class of 2015 ... it’s been a wild ride!

It’s May, and that end of the year feeling is overtaking me as I walk by students sun-bathing on the Quad and try to find a cubby in the overpopulated construction site that is the library. As each day passes and I cross off another completed assignment on my agenda, the reality of graduating is still not sinking in.

Every day I wake up I go through the same routine: open my graduation countdown app on my phone. I feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement as the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Saturday, May 9, continue to tick on by. And still, even with the countdown, picking up my cap and gown, and leaving my last college class…I cannot fathom the realization that this is all coming to an end.

It is so cliché to say four years have come and gone, but really, they have. I remember as if it were yesterday so nervously moving into Lycoming Hall freshman year. I remember actually getting lost trying to find my classes. And crying because I could not picture having to go through seven more semesters of exams, all of those dreaded group projects, and the hell week that is finals.

But I would honestly do it all over again if I could. Seniors… we will never again have the chance to live with all of our best friends and experience our crazy times side by side. None of my roommates are moving out or graduating, just me. So it’s been extra emotional as I start to see my room slowly emptying and theirs staying the same.

I don’t think I appreciated the small town atmosphere of Bloomsburg as much as I will when I move. Being able to go out on a run by myself late at night is a luxury we should be thankful for. And not having to worry about walking home alone after night class is something we all take for granted. This is such a great area with so much to offer.

But what I will miss the most about BU is the people. From my professors, my advisor, my internship supervisor, my friends, my classmates…. I’m truly in denial that we won’t be together anymore. As graduation approaches, I’ve really discovered whom I have been able to impact and those who have impacted me over the years. I’ve received so many small gestures of thanks and goodbyes from those who care about me, which of course, immediately turned me into a puddle of tears.

We remember kindness. And never forget meanness. I can definitely say that I have come across more people on the “kind” spectrum here. Being a good person will serve us all in the long run, both on a professional and personal level.

Reflecting back to high school graduation, this feels so different. I was so carefree and excited to leave high school and get away to college, meet new people, and have a fresh start. But now, this period of my life is so overwhelming. Every five seconds I feel like someone asks me, “So what are your plans after graduation?” as I try not to roll my eyes and scream I DON’T KNOW.

I’m trying my best to stay calm and have fun in this awkward stage by slowing down and enjoying these last few weeks of not knowing what’s to come.

Seniors - we really need to stop trying to put it all together, or we will never feel truly satisfied. After sitting down with my advisor one last time, I expressed to her my panic about not having a job lined up. She simply told me, “Take your time."

We shouldn’t settle for any kind of position that doesn’t make us happy or isn’t suited for us.

Because of the amazing internship I experienced during this final semester, I realized one thing about the job hunt: I should not EVER settle for anything that doesn’t make me as excited and happy as I was going to my internship.

Seniors, we need to search for a position and company we truly love to work for, because if you love what you do, you’ll be thinking about it all the time and constantly striving to be your best.

— Rachael Scicchitano, senior communication studies major #HuskyLife #ProfessionalU