Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to the good ol' routine

It has been a quick summer. Summer full of work, travel, friends and family, but unfortunately not enough time spent working out. Time to kick this butt back into gear. Back to school; senior year full of homework, group projects, work, meetings, going out…

Oh, and did I mention the gym? Back to the good old stomping grounds. The place to relieve all anxiety and cleanse from the night out before.

Some people think relaxing is being at home, in bed watching Netflix. But instead, I find that the sound of crashing weights and moving treadmills, along with the sweet smell of sweaty success really makes me feel good.

It’s time to get back to the routine of working out and eating healthy. My routine has always wrapped around school, and now that I’m in college it’s easier to get back into the flow of things.

Because let’s be honest, last semester didn’t give me enough time to work on the “beach bod” and this summer didn’t help me keep it. So now it comes down to making sure I get to class, get homework done, and get to the gym.

My routine usually starts off a little gentle so I can ease into the semester. I like to start off from scratch when I haven’t been working out for a while. It makes it a little bit easier to track my progress. I start with lower weights but I do up to 20 to 30 reps. I also prefer to switch days with circuits of two to four workouts in each. I think circuits make a workout more fun because it’s always changing.

So, knowing that I have to walk to class each day, I think I’ll decide to do leg day in the latter part of the week. I love to use Pinterest ideas, and I usually ask fellow lifting buffs to give me advice on moves. Then I progress to heavier weight when I am comfortable.

I’ll start my first week of senior year with:
  • Monday - cardio and glutes
  • Tuesday - back and shoulders
  • Wednesday - cardio and abs
  • Thursday - arms and chest
  • Friday - squats and overall endurance
  • Saturday - fundamentals and lifting movements
  • Sunday - rest
Along with a good workout plan to go along with my class schedule, I usually try to plan out my meals as well. It’s about eating well, not eating a little. Especially when it's about toning instead of lose weight. So each morning must have breakfast to get the brain going. I usually add in a good “big man stretch” to wake up before that 8 a.m. I always try to remember a water bottle as well. Staying hydrated has helped with stress, headaches, the 2 o’clock sleepiness, and gets you ready for the gym.

Overall, the first week back to college is fun to reconnect with everyone before the workload grows. It’s so important to keep your head on straight, stick to your priorities and get moving. It's great to walk to class, take lunch breaks on the quad, and after homework take a stroll downtown. While returning to the routine remember to keep your emotions steady and thoughts in order, the rest of your health will follow for the weeks to come.

Rep On

— Lydia Jenkins, senior mass communications major #HuskyLife #HuskyFit