Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 things you need to do on campus in October

Fall is slowly fading away from us. The clocks will be turning back soon and then it will move into the dark winter months. But since we have a couple more days left of October, you should make sure you accomplish these 5 things that BU has to offer.

Number 1, take a picture of the quad with all its fall colors. 

We all know that those quad pics are hard to come by and when you finally get the right light and color for the picture you are bound to get a bunch of likes on it. So before the leaves start falling and the color in the sky becomes dreary make sure you get your quad pic.

Number 2, We all know pumpkin anything is where its at. 

So make sure you splurge on your flex with all the pumpkin that Starbucks has to offer, because we all get a little cranky when we find out there is no more pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin scones left. So get your pumpkin on!

Number 3, Life as we know it is going to fade away soon so make sure you get your fair share of catches on the quad in before time runs out. 

Throw a frisbee, toss a football, for all I care play catch with an apple, but make sure you have some fun on the quad before it is all buried in snow.

Number 4, If you have not sat on upper campus to watch the sun go down, you have not lived. 

It is the most amazing sight that you can ever witness. Our campus overlooks such beautiful landscape, that when the sky turns that pink, orange, and purple it is a breath taking sight, not to mention an awesome picture.

Lastly number 5, you can’t skip out of the tradition of carving a pumpkin! 

So drive to a local pumpkin patch or even buy one at Weis, Giant, or Walmart. Just get a pumpkin, carve it put it outside your dorm door, apartment door, or outside on your porch. I know I like to drive up to upper campus and see all the pumpkins sitting outside people doors. Its what brings fall together.

Fall in Bloomsburg is a special time, it has the most events, most class work, and most beautiful sights. So make sure you take advantage of what Bloom has to offer in the fall, because we will be missing it soon.

— Samantha Gross, mass communications major #HuskyLife

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's the little things

Self-motivation shouldn’t be a choice of action, it should become a mental routine...

As I slowly reach the middle of the semester, there are different commitments that come my way. Midterms are attacking one by one. Group projects are in full force. My daily schedule has now been set in stone… Finally. And I start to question will this semester drag on or go by too quickly? (Either way my motivation is sluggish.)

Despite the tough notes I have to go over, and the feeling of missing home I still manage to be self-motivating. I try to kick my mental state into full gear just so I don’t lose my sense of purpose and determination during this confusing time. There are physical and mental actions I take in order to keep myself and my mind organized during mid-terms.

First off, I fall into uneasy moods when I have a cluttered home. My bedroom and working space are good places to start. It’s time to rearrange some furniture, dust off the art work and tidy up a bit. Giving the bedroom a little face lift doesn’t have to be a day-long event either. I usually move things around, rearrange my pictures of family and then look around to feel the new vibe. Cleaning out and off my desk usually helps too. I put my papers and notes in order, clean out my folders, and restock my backpack and drawer with notecards. It’s the little things that get me moving towards a productive path.

Secondly, when my mind is confused with due dates, topics for papers, research, club responsibilities, even plans with friends, then I usually take a moment for a walk. Something quick, like down the street and around the block helps. When the breath of fresh air has cleared my head, I sit down to map out my plan of attack. I line up my group meetings, club dates, volunteer hours, and study sessions. I clearly write down my goals for the following weeks, and keep my highest priorities at the top of the list.

These little tips and tricks are just a start to get myself back into the right mindset for midterms. I sometimes turn to my apps for some assistance as well. Pinterest always gives me motivational quotes, tips for stress, clutter free guidance, and even some relaxing new yoga poses to try out. I look to Instagram to see the beauty that’s around me in Bloomsburg, along with traveling pages from around the world. It keeps me happy to be here while I’m working hard, but also keeps me looking towards where the future will take me after graduation.

All of these little things start to help my mindset when I’m feeling a little hazy midway through the semester. I look to other resources for aid, and alone time so I can collect my thoughts to stay on track. Before I know it, I’m ready for the midterm, I have new ideas to bring to group meetings, and I’m excited to be involved with my next campus event. Just like that, I’m back to my healthy and motivated self who is going to take care of business this semester.

Rep On

— Lydia Jenkins, senior mass communications major #HuskyLife #HuskyFit