Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 things you need to do on campus in October

Fall is slowly fading away from us. The clocks will be turning back soon and then it will move into the dark winter months. But since we have a couple more days left of October, you should make sure you accomplish these 5 things that BU has to offer.

Number 1, take a picture of the quad with all its fall colors. 

We all know that those quad pics are hard to come by and when you finally get the right light and color for the picture you are bound to get a bunch of likes on it. So before the leaves start falling and the color in the sky becomes dreary make sure you get your quad pic.

Number 2, We all know pumpkin anything is where its at. 

So make sure you splurge on your flex with all the pumpkin that Starbucks has to offer, because we all get a little cranky when we find out there is no more pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin scones left. So get your pumpkin on!

Number 3, Life as we know it is going to fade away soon so make sure you get your fair share of catches on the quad in before time runs out. 

Throw a frisbee, toss a football, for all I care play catch with an apple, but make sure you have some fun on the quad before it is all buried in snow.

Number 4, If you have not sat on upper campus to watch the sun go down, you have not lived. 

It is the most amazing sight that you can ever witness. Our campus overlooks such beautiful landscape, that when the sky turns that pink, orange, and purple it is a breath taking sight, not to mention an awesome picture.

Lastly number 5, you can’t skip out of the tradition of carving a pumpkin! 

So drive to a local pumpkin patch or even buy one at Weis, Giant, or Walmart. Just get a pumpkin, carve it put it outside your dorm door, apartment door, or outside on your porch. I know I like to drive up to upper campus and see all the pumpkins sitting outside people doors. Its what brings fall together.

Fall in Bloomsburg is a special time, it has the most events, most class work, and most beautiful sights. So make sure you take advantage of what Bloom has to offer in the fall, because we will be missing it soon.

— Samantha Gross, mass communications major #HuskyLife


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