Monday, June 13, 2016

First impressions of China

It’s been a week since I’ve arrived to China. Life here is quite different, but I really like it.

I am staying at an international student dorm with a Chinese roommate. Ever since the first day, we have bonded and she helps me adjust to my classes and to life at Bei Wai (a short name for my university).

On the second day after arrival the summer IES students had to take a placement test. Surprisingly to me, I did better than I expected and was placed in a 300 level. Four days a week we have classes for three hours a day.

Compared to my Chinese classes at BU, classes here are really hard. My Chinese classes are only in Chinese, and we took a language pledge where we can only speak Chinese to other students and roommates.

Every day we have a listening quiz where we have to write all the new words we have learned in the previous day.

We learn 30 to 40 new words and we have to memorize how to write the characters for these words too.

My university has two big cafeterias. It costs me 50 cents to a dollar to eat there. Outside of the university there are little restaurants on every corner that are also really cheap. If we have to spend $5 or more on a meal, it is considered pricy here.

Every day after classes, the program has something planned for us. A few days ago we traveled to the Olympic village and looked at the Bird Nest and the Water Cube.

Just yesterday our history professor took us on a trip to the Tiannamen square and told us about the different stages of the palace during each dynasty’s rule. I cannot wait for many more trips that we will have with IES to other historic places.

— Anastasia Timofeeva, junior engineering and Chinese major #HuskyAbroad #ProfessionalU

Timofeeva is studying abroad at the Beijing Foreign Studies University this summer, courtesy of several scholarships earned this past year. She received a Professional Experience grant from Professional U, a grant designed for students seeking to get involved in their career path or learn more about the world. Timofeeva also received an International Faculty Association scholarship dedicated to students with interest in fostering globalism and internationalism. Moreover, she received College of Liberal Arts study abroad scholarship and a scholarship for good academic standing from the university.


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