Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Working in a career I love so passionately

A lot has happened over the course of the past two weeks! Lycoming College had three June Orientation sessions (June 6, 13, and 17). Each orientation day was about a 12-hour work day and was very busy!

For years previous, Lyco’s Orientation was a two-day event with information and fun activities for students who all stayed overnight in the residence halls . This year was the first time for a one-day Orientation program. With that, of course there was a lot of preparation work!

Each day leading up to the first of the three sessions, there were multiple meetings with different campus offices, many edits made to paperwork, new handouts being made, and more, all to ensure that the new program was well coordinated and met student and family needs. My supervisor, his assistant, his student worker, and I worked constantly on multiple projects and triple checked our work for any errors.

After each Orientation session, we had a debriefing meeting with the 22 student orientation staff (SOS) members and the professional staff involved in Orientation to hear about what went well and what could be improved upon. There was a one week time period between the first orientation session and the second and I would say that week was the busiest, most hectic, and most stressful. There were a lot of changes to be done in a short amount of time, while also juggling a variety of other projects. But we all got through it!

My supervisor, Andrew Kilpatrick, has been phenomenal at giving me learning opportunities! During the third Orientation session, Andrew allowed me to come up on stage with him to co-present a parent session. The topic was how to coach their students to move from dependent individuals to interdependent college students.

He asked me questions on the spot that I got to answer and explain the resources Lycoming has to offer. When I first heard I was going to be thinking on my feet on stage to an audience of about 150 parents, I was a bit terrified, but it wasn’t bad at all! I actually surprised myself with how confidently I spoke and with such ease. I had many parents address me throughout the day with questions and many told me I was a huge help to them.

In addition to office preparation and Orientation days, I was also working alongside a Residence Life Coordinator. I assisted her with the SOS training, picked up food, and led the SOS in fun team-building activities/games. Getting to know the SOS members has been my favorite part of this internship!

They are truly great students with powerful leadership skills. They always had high energy and welcomed me with open arms. A few times they told me they see me as more than just an intern, but rather a great supervisor and close friend. Hearing those comments from SOS and parents warms my heart as I am just so happy that I am finally working in a career that I love so passionately.

Now that all three Orientation sessions are over, I am happy to finally be able to catch up on sleep! Ha! I will have the next two and a half weeks off until the second part of my internship starts, which is LycoPrep. I will be moving on campus July 6 and living there for three weeks as a supervisor to high school juniors who are engaging with the LycoPrep program.

I am looking forward to new experiences with Lycoming College. So far Lyco staff has been fantastic! I have purchased Lycoming College gear and wear it proudly.

— Felicia Garcia-Wedemeyer, college student affairs #EducationalLeadership #ProfessionalU

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