Thursday, November 17, 2016

Time to graduate, am I ready?

A few years ago, I was a freshman and now I am a senior. Time feels like it blew by so fast …

I literally cannot believe this is my last year of college and will be graduating next semester.

Before I know it I will be ready to enter the workforce or graduate school. Some of my friends that graduate in the spring have already started looking for jobs and had interviews. I haven’t started looking for jobs yet, but I have been building my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account.

By senior year it is important to have these things done so you can start your job search right away.
My freshman and sophomore year, I was not worried about resume building, cover letters or personal portfolios. I thought college was all about having fun and partying, but as I got older I learned how important it is to use the resources that Bloomsburg University offer to the students.

The Center for Professional Development and Career Experience can help with cover letters, resumes, professional attire for events, and LinkedIn. They also hold several workshops for these topics. I recently attended a workshop at the Center for Professional Development in the Student Service Center where they looked over my resume and gave me pointers. I also talked with them briefly about graduate school and their thoughts of the MBA program at Bloom.

The Center for Professional Development and Career Experience also does mock interviews. I didn’t get a chance to do a mock interview, but I know it will be very helpful and can help build my interview skills and become more familiar with the type of questions they HR mangers ask.

As an upperclassman speaking, I wish I would have taken advantage of these opportunities when I was a freshman.

— Khalil Daniel, senior communication studies major #HuskyLife