Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Miss Green (that’s me)

I, Carolann Green, have made it to my second placement. Now it’s just eight weeks and 19 third graders standing between me and graduation!

Let me tell you, they’re just such wonderful third graders! I have spent about four weeks with them now, and they are so great. If student teaching was supposed to help me determine what grade I wanted to teach after graduating it’s not helping! Although second graders and third graders are very different curriculum and behavior wise they are both just wholesome and pure ages to work with.

Anyways, these third graders really are just a great bunch of students. I know I keep repeating myself, but they deserve the praise! One student has gotten me into Harry Potter, and we discuss it every morning. Another tries to teach me how to floss — although I'm not very good at it — I get to see him laugh at my horrible dance moves!

Another student makes it a POINT to say good morning to me every morning. I want to cry! They are so amazing!

Also, I thought I learned a lot from my first co-op, but here I am with my third grade co-op and she also has so much to offer. She taught me this teaching strategy called whole brain teaching (it’s AMAZING, you must google it) that just gets the children so engaged by using motions and repetition.

I have my plate full with lesson planning and teaching too! I dressed up in a ridiculous Albert Einstein costume to kick off multiplication. I made a mess of the classroom having children trace their spelling words in flour, and I got to teach the children about some local history for social studies!

— Carolann Green, a senior early childhood education major

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