Monday, May 6, 2019

And just like that it’s over

Maybe for many college is just college. To them it’s simple. You attend classes, make friends, identify a career path and graduate. Then you move on to your adult life. That’s the plan, simple and sweet.

But to me, college ended up being so much more. Bloomsburg University was a gift.

I can honestly say this place has shaped me into a person I’m very proud of. I have direction. I have confidence. I have appreciation, and I now have perspective. I owe Bloomsburg a huge thank you for that. Thank you Bloomsburg for giving me my people. People who became friends. Friends who became my family.

I learned that when surrounding yourself with the right people you will only end up with positive, contagious energy. That’s how I know found the right group.

Not just any people, but the best people. No one can say they are leaving with a group of people like I am. Not only did you give me these people, but I’m lucky enough to be leaving with them. They’re my people.

Thank you Bloomsburg for helping me to grow and clearly see what matters. You revealed so much to me, shedding light on who the real people are in my life.

This four-year journey, a road traveled with many ups and downs has led me to this end where I see those who’ve kept pace. These are the people you want in your life. I’ve finally learned to let go, and thank you Bloomsburg for that lesson. It suits me well.

Here I am in my last days in Bloomsburg, and I can’t help but think if I didn’t go this school, without these people would I be the same person?

It’s easy to miss people, miss a place, but I am going to miss this time in my life. I never realized when people say this is the best four years of your life... but dang they were right.

It's the end of an era, and it feels like the worst break up in my life. I had so many firsts here. I vividly remember my first drive here, and now I must face my last drive home.

I don’t want to say the word home, because this is my home... or was my home. I'm so lucky I have a place in my life to be so difficult to leave.

And just like that it’s over. I wish I would've told myself freshman year, don’t blink.

— Annie Pitts, senior communication studies major #AGreatPlaceToBeYou #HuskyLife